Behaviour code and attendance policy

The aim of this policy is to help to provide a framework in which all staff, students, governors, teachers and parents can contribute to the development and maintenance of a positive school environment.

School guidelines on behaviour are based upon the simple principles of consideration and respect for others. They are designed to make the school a safe and happy place.

We expect you to have a good behaviour in class and around school which include the following points.

  1. Punctuality.
  2. Regular attendance to classes and if there is a real reason to miss the session, let us know in advance so that we can justify your absence.
    • To obtain an Attendance certificate is necessary to have achieved 95% attendance record.
    • To obtain a Diploma from the School, it is ALSO needed to have satisfactorily passed all required exams and tests.
  3. Mutual respect between staff, students, teachers and parents is essential (Try not tu use sarcasm or inappropriate language)
  4. Appropriate dress in class.